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Meet Yuri who works in our factory in Greece

Meet Yuri who works in our factory in Greece

Meet our amazing co-worker Yuri who works in the factory in Athens! Read all about which jewelry piece he finds the most difficult to make, how he got interested in jewelry craftsmanship and why he loves the “Freddo Espresso”...  

"Being quite introvert as a person, I found my passion in expressing myself throughout the art. It started with drawing and eventually came up to jewelry design and craftsmanship." - Yuri Tsomados


Hi Yuri! Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Hi There! I am 30 years old and have lived in Athens for over 18 years now. I was born in Russia, where I lived and went to school until yearly teens. From early ages I was a very active kid and I have been into sports almost my entire life (swimming, tennis, athletics and even parkour) aside with drawing and sketching. Being quite introvert as a person, I found my passion in expressing myself throughout the art. It all started with drawing and eventually came up to jewelry design and craftsmanship.

After school I studied engineering, but never felt like that it was something I wanted to do for a living. My first steps into the world of jewelry was made at the age of 13 when my mom was working in a jewelry workshop and I was spending all my free time there after school. That was the time when jewelry took over my mind and made me fall in love with it’s magical world.

How does a normal work day look like to you?

I usually wake up around 7 o’clock, eating a light breakfast and do some kind of exercise. I live in the center of Athens so I don’t have to use public transport or vehicle to get to the workshop. The whole walk takes me about 15 minutes and it’s always so magnificent to be able to pass by the ancient places and enjoy the view of Acropolis. On my way to the workshop I usually buy the famous Italian iced coffee called “freddo espresso”, that really cools me down during hot summer months. The first thing I do when I arrive to the workshop is checking my e-mails and the ongoing orders to plan the workshop production for that day. My favourite lunch is definitely the so called "Greek Salad" with fresh vegetables and a slice of the famous Feta cheese on top of it. So yummy!

What are the 3 most exciting or interesting things about your job?

1. First of all I would say it is the challenging part of it. Every new project that comes up has it’s difficulties, so I need to find new solutions to keep it close to the project idea while combining different materials and technical fields. With simple words, I love to be challenged. It’s a pure satisfaction. 

2. After that, it is the continuous research. Materials, fashion trends and market needs tend to change and evolve on a daily basis, so I have to be able to follow them and be well informed. 

3. Finally, the range of items we create makes my job really interesting and fascinating. I mean who else have the opportunity to make earring studs, necklaces, headpieces, statement items, dresses and even bikinis? And all that using only Swarovski crystals and chains! 



Which creation has been the most fun to make?

It was definitely the Peg Parnevik dress! It was also the most challenging piece I´ve ever made. I had to assemble it stripe by stripe and try it on someone after every single change I made. I couldn’t use patron from existing dress because the chains does not have the same flexibility as the fabric does, so it was quite challenging but yet so much fun!  


What do you think are the most important qualities for working as a jeweler? 

I believe that the love and the passion for whatever you do are the most important, everything else can be learned or obtained with right practice and patience. 

 What is the most difficult piece of jewelry to make from the collection? 

Statement pieces are usually the most difficult to make, because we have to find the perfect balance between the weight, design and stiffness. Also because of their size it’s impossible to use molds in production, so every single piece is completely handmade, but that is what makes every single necklace unique. 

How do you see the future of the workshop, are there any long term dreams? 

The workshop has been developing as long as I remember it (started with simple soldering and now working with CNC mills and 3D printing). My dream is to achieve the worldwide recognition of the brand due it’s unique designs and high end quality. As the strong team we are, I am sure that it’s only a matter of time before we reach that goal. 



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